Monday, May 12, 2008

New Local Green Business

One of the most recent attendees of the Green Business Networking event has just launched a new business. Here is his announcement:

Hello Friends, I am writing to inform you of a few exciting announcements

This week, Jude Kitchens and I launched 'Green Man Lawn Care - Organic Turf & Plant Health Care'. We offer ecological landscape maintenance services to our Charleston community.

This service is 100% Organic! It is based on an all natural, non-toxic, chemical free, child and pet safe, good for people and the environment, sustainable, biological approach to land and plant stewardship called the 'Soil Food Web'.

Please consider visiting our new website at: to learn more about the Soil Food Web and the new exciting organic turf and plant health care services Green Man Lawn Care now offers.

These services include:
  • organic weed control
  • organic grub control
  • biological soil fertilization
  • liquid soil aeration
  • over seeding
  • top dressing
  • organic palm and live oak tree care
  • and, don't forget... Skeeter Beater organic and effective mosquito and gnat control!
A downloadable PDF highlighting our services is available at the website for printing and sharing with others.

Green Man has been invited and will be present at the Charleston Battery Soccer Green Game this Friday, May 9 to meet with you and discuss organic lawn care. Check out: for more details. Bring your friends and get there early to participate in the fun!

Remember to tune your radio to station WSC 94.3 FM at 8 AM on Sundays for 'Charleston Green' with John Tarkany, principle of Charleston's premier ecological landscape architecture firm DesignWorks, LLC. Hear the discussion about organic turf and plant health care using a biological approach with the Soil Food Web on Sunday, May 18, 8 AM.

Thank you for your time and consideration. Please feel free to circulate this news widely and contact us anytime. Get Healthy; get green and go organic! ~ Kevin

Kevin John Richardson
Local Solutions
Sustainable Systems & Community Development
(240) 286-7624

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Go Green Night This Friday!

If you're looking for something to do and to meet like-minded people (business and otherwise) and you enjoy outdoors and/or soccer, then check out this month's Green Drinks event.

Green Drinks is proud to be a supporter of Go Green Night at Blackbaud Stadium! Please join us along with dozens of lowcountry green businesses at 6PM in the beer garden. We still have a limited quantity of $5 tickets for our patrons, so please shoot us an email if you are interested! The match is versus Miami FC and we expect very strong attendance. Here are directions to the stadium...

Will We See These Around Charleston Soon?

Cool 8-seat solar powered bike/car. This Flinstone-like car would be perfect for tours around town.

More on Apple

I previously posted about Apple being listed as a non-environmentally friendly company, in part for being one of the only computer companies to still use toxic materials. CNET now reports on a study by Climate Counts that puts Apple dead last in a list of electronics companies in terms of carbon footprints. They gave Apple a score of 11 out of 100 (which interestingly enough is up 9 from last year). It's amazing that a company that is so forward looking with designs is so backward in regards to the environment.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Greening Your Office

If you need to go out and get some new supplies for the office, look for the TerraCycle products coming to OfficeMax. According to, the office supply store will begin stocking some of TerraCycle's products, such as the pencil holders made from Capri Sun pouches. The neat thing about TerraCycle is that they are repurposing (reusing) products rather than recycling them in the more common sense of melting them down and turning them into something else, which uses plenty of energy. Of course looking at their products makes it easy for the crafty to make some of the stuff themselves, but I don't think the company would be too upset about that.